Welcome to Fire Services

Imagine this for a moment. It could save you more than just time. Imagine working in your place of work, when you start to smell smoke. Imagine seeing your hall filling with thick black clouds, with flames round your door.

It doesn't bear thinking about. But thinking about it can stop it happening.

These web pages are designed to do just that - stop a fire happening in your home or workplace. They explain what to do, what to check and what to avoid doing. You can reduce the risks of fire to virtually zero.

It could be you!

There are well over 50,000 fires in homes in Britain every year - that's nearly 140 a day.

Uk Fire Brigades attended over 360000 fires in workplaces in 2006, killing 30 people and injuring over 2600.

Over 72% of businesses never regain normal trading after a fire.

Over 52% of homes are never insured against fire.

It's not just the fire

"Everyone said to us how horrific the fire must have been and it was," says Carole Patrick, whose children were nearly killed in October 2007.

"But the aftermath in many ways has been far worse. Just finding somewhere to live when your home has been gutted is an ordeal, then sorting out the rebuilding and decorating on top of that trauma has been dreadful."

To stop it happening to you, use this website.